Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lizzy was adopted!

Lizzy met a very nice couple at PetSmart last Saturday.  They wanted to see how she did with their other dog, so last night we went to their house and Lizzy got to meet their dog and their neighbor's dog.  Everything went so well, that they decided to do a two-week trial adoption!  I am hopeful that it will work out and that Lizzy has found her forever home this time. 

I already miss her though.  This morning as I fed the dogs, I stood in the middle of the kitchen with an extra bowl of dog food in my hands, looking for Lizzy.  I'm so used to her being there - it's hard to come home and NOT have her there to greet me.  But I know she has a wonderful new family, and I really hope everything works out.


BerniceK said...

Does the couple have any sheep? Did you tell them she has excellent herding skills?

Laurie said...

No sheep, but I did tell them about her herding skills. I told them how I always sent her out to get the deaf dog(s) from the backyard when I wanted them to come inside. I'd tell her "Go get Noelle" and she'd run out and do circles around the other dogs to herd them toward the house. Now I'll actually have to go outside where they can see me and wave at them when I want them to come in!