Thursday, November 5, 2009


I thought Bear would be ready for adoption weeks ago.  One thing came up, then another.  Today he went in to be neutered and he was supposed to go home to his new family on Saturday.  However the vet called and said Bear has a runny nose.  So they're going to hold off on neutering him one more week.  Poor guy seems to be stuck with me.  He's so smart - he's pretty much house-trained now, and he knows his name, and how to sit on command.  He loves to play with Lizzy and tries to play with the other dogs, but Lizzy is the only one who really plays with him. 

This picture is Bear hanging out in a tree during a rest stop on our way back from Maryland.  Why was he in a tree, you ask?  I'm not quite sure, actually.  Maybe Bear is having an identity crisis and thinks he's really a bear and therefore should occasionally climb a tree.  Or it could have had something to do with my mom picking him up and putting him there.  Either way, it made for a cute picture.
This is Bear in the car on the way back from our trip.  On the way there, he slept the entire time in his crate.  I guess on the way back he was tired of the crate, because he slept on the seat, on our pillows, and on the floor with his foot hanging in the water bowl.  Pretty much everywhere except his crate.

This is what Bear did when I tried to put him in the car after our first rest break following the taping of the Puppy Bowl.  I'm pretty sure he thought I was taking him back to that scary football field.

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