Monday, November 2, 2009

Gandalf was adopted!

Gandalf, my orange kitten, found a new home on Halloween.  He went home with a very nice couple and their son, and he's going to love being in a home where he gets all the attention and doesn't have to share with so many other pets.   

Several of my other foster pets got some interest on Saturday, although none of the rest were adopted.  I'm hopeful that some of the people who expressed interest will be contacting me later this week.  Since it was Halloween, I took some candy to give out, and would have loved to dress up my fosters in costumes but they're expensive!  So I decided since most of them were orange or black anyway, it was good enough.  I had Gandalf the orange cat, Chenille the orange Pomeranian, Dodger the white Poodle/Daschund mix (his fur is kind of tan/orange in places, so I guess that counts), Orca and Penguin the black/white kittens, Lizzy the black dog, and Artemis the black cat.  I was mostly surprised that Orca and Penguin didn't get any applications on them since they're so small and cute.  Plus they had no other black cats to compete with!  Many rescue people prefer to leave their black cats or black/white cats at home on Halloween, or in some cases for the entire month of October.  They're just looking out for the cats, because they fear someone will try to harm the cat or adopt it for nefarious purposes.  Personally I tend to agree with the school of thought that people who want black cats for nefarious purposes will be more likely to grab one off the street or get one from someone giving away free cats through the paper or craigslist.  They don't really need to pay to get a fully vetted, spayed/neutered cat that requires a long adoption application if they aren't planning to keep the cat very long.  Unfortunately its relatively easy to get a free black cat around Halloween, or any other time, without a problem.  Since I don't want my cats to miss an adoption event where they might find a home, I just screen extra-carefully and if I had any concerns I would just hold the cat until after Halloween, so they still had a chance to get adopted.  This year it may have paid off bringing my black cats on Halloween since I did have two people interested in Artemis and someone is coming back next week to see the kittens again.   I'm hoping for a good week, and I'm already looking forward to next Saturday where my foster pets will get another chance to find a permanent home with a family who will love them.


JulieB said...

Congrats on Gandolf - that's awesome! Let me know if you are ready for another one or two... I have 2 calls on kitties in need of foster homes. :)

Laurie said...

Thanks Julie, and thanks for helping to save Gandalf in the first place! I'll be sure to let you know whenever I have room for more, but I need to get a few more adopted first!