Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Rejects

My mom called my special needs foster pets "rejects".  I have been giving her a hard time ever since.  I know what she meant - they aren't perfect, and they were rejected by someone before they get to me.  And even after I get them, they are rejected by many potential adopters because of their special needs.  I understand why most people don't want a special needs pet.  I know they take extra work, and extra time, and not everyone has that to give.  But I think they give extra love that makes it all worthwhile.  So sometimes I seek out the rejects. 

Some animal rescue people take on really difficult cases, like bottle-feeding newborn kittens who need around-the-clock care, or taking on a dog that requires eyedrops several times a day.  Even if I didn't have a full-time job and was capable of doing that sort of rescue, I don't think I have what it takes to make that commitment.  I admire those who do, but I am content saving my favorite type of rejects - deaf dogs and pit bulls.  So when my recent special needs pets were adopted and they were no longer rejects, I decided to look for another one of my favorites and see if I could help them.  I went looking for one and found three! 

Mia is a senior pit bull.  I don't know why she was abandoned by her family, but she's been to several adoption events as an All Paws dog and so far she has not been adopted, due to her breed and her age.  I fell in love with her when I first met her.  Her current foster mom lives pretty far away so can't get her to adoption events very easily, so I offered to foster her since I could get her to adoption events every week.  I'll try her after Thanksgiving and see how she does with Noelle, and if she does okay, she'll be my newest reject... I mean foster dog. 

I was sad that my last deaf foster dog was adopted so quickly - I really enjoy working with deaf dogs - so I contacted another rescue group who has had a deaf pit bull at their shelter for quite some time.  This is Boo Bear.  She was living in a car before she went to the shelter, so she's never been in a house.  She needs some work with house-training and manners, but the rescue group who has her absolutely loves her.  I can't wait to go meet her.  I don't know if I'll take her home or not, but it's a definite possibility. 

Of course after offering to try out Mia and Boo Bear, I got an e-mail.  The heading just said "Deaf Boxer Pup".  I immediately started laughing, and said to myself "you've got to be kidding!".  Because I had after all just offered to take an adult deaf pit bull and an adult senior pit bull, and both were likely to be long-term fosters.  But I just couldn't resist - even before opening the e-mail I thought "Okay, I'll take it!".  I'm hopeless.  Bella is a deaf four-month-old Boxer puppy. She's become a reject because she is deaf.  I'll start her on some basic dog training using hand signals, and hopefully she won't be a reject for long.


BerniceK said...

Here is what my thanksgiving prayer will be:

I am thankful for my husband Kevin and my son Matthew for being there for me and I am especially thankful for Laurie, for being there for them! Happy Thanksgiving!

Amanda said...

Rock on Laurie! =) I guess I have never considered our pitties rejects since that's all I work with, but in the great scheme, you are right, they are so often rejected out of hand for what they look like.

I have my own "reject" right now, who I absolutely adore, but he has health problems. I keep telling myself someone will see through that, be willing to deal with, and love him like we do.

Sara said...

Oh my goodness, I heart Mia! There's just something about those senior pitties that tugs at the heartstrings. I'll be sending good vibes her way that the meet and greet with Noelle goes well.

JulieB said...

That is so awesome Laurie, good luck with all 3 doggies! I hope it works out well for them! I have a special place in my heart for the misfit/reject fosters that no one else wants. They usually turn out to be the sweetest, most loyal dogs/cats that you could ask for. I guess that's why I usually end up with the older, shy kitties with health problems. But they deserve a chance at a good home just as much as other kitties do, right? They just seem to know that they have a second chance at life and tend to show you every chance they have how much they appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I am so suprised by how this dog is a "reject" but she is so darn cute boxers are my favorite breed even if she is deaf I still would adopt her

Anonymous said...

Oh, my my! I love Mia especially. She's got that "little pittie swagger." Beautiful, beautiful dogs & thanks for helping them! (I've got a few "fosters" around here. For instance, if a dog is 16 years old, partly blind, and mostly deaf, that means you need to put the word "foster" in quotes, right?)
-pitbull friend